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Video Introduction

An intro video is designed to quickly introduce new prospects to your product or service and make a big impact in a small amount of time. Created to capture attention within moments, an intro video explains your value proposition in 30 to 60 seconds. A great intro video will leave your audience with a clear understanding of the value your business offers. After watching, prospects are ready to begin the process of deciding whether you’re the right solution to the problem they’re facing. The effectiveness of video is hard to overstate – 99% of companies who use video report that they’ll continue to do so in 2018.

Why Use Video Introduction

The Purpose

Explain Your Business

A video introduction will quickly help viewers understand a product or service they’ve just learned about. Once a customer understands you, they can begin the decision making process.

First Impressions

First impressions can be lasting. If you don’t make the right first impression, nothing else you do will matter. A high quality video helps to ensure your brand makes a lasting impression.

Brand Awareness

Video Introduction are bite-sized morsels, which makes them a natural for sharing. This shareable nature of video introduction will help spread the word about your brand.

Boost Conversion Rates

The dramatic effects video has on conversion rates is hard to ignore. 81% of people surveyed have been convinced to buy a service or product by watching a video.

Improve SEO Performance

Adding video can give you a new way to improve your rankings. With video, you can increase visitors’ time on site and lower bounce rates.

Increasingly Popular For Marketing

Video is becoming the overwhelmingly popular choice for marketers. 65% of businesses who aren’t currently using video say they intend to start in 2018.

Video Introduction

Be seen. Be heard.

You know what you do, but most people coming to your website for the first time don’t! Help audiences understand your business from the moment they first arrive at your website. Having an intro video on your homepage makes it easy for people to understand what you can do for them. That’s important because confused people don’t buy. Clear up what it is you can offer them in record time with video.

Then once people understand you, they’ll be ready to begin the decision making process (aka the funnel). All buyers go through steps before purchasing, sometimes called the purchase funnel or buying funnel. Video helps prospects pass through the funnel to more advanced stages in record time. After watching your intro video, people will be more likely to consider purchasing from your business and become customers. More people in your funnel means more customers. In a survey of marketers who use video, 76% reported that video helped increase sales.

But you have to get them interested first! An intro video makes it fun to get to know your product or service for the first time. Once people are more interested in you and exploring your solution to their problem, they’ll also be spending more time on your website. Using video on your home page is a way to improve time on site, lower bounce rate and generally increase the likelihood of your visitors becoming engaged with your product. After they become engaged, they’ll be more likely to take further action and want to buy from you.

There are some additional fringe benefits you’ll get from having an engaging video on your homepage that may not even know about yet. When you lower your bounce rate and increase time on site, you’ll have the effect of boosting your SEO ranking factors!

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